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When it all started with the idea to help out fellow designers with quality resources.


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At Mockuuups we are on a mission to provide quality design resources for anyone anywhere to present their awesome designs in a realistic way.

We provide PSD and Sketch mockups for designers, agencies and individual freelancers wishing to improve their product presentation. Together we’ve created mobile, tablet, and desktop device mockups in various options (packages) divided by themes, device type or a color.

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What could be more fun than working on cool projects with your friends?
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Meet the Mockuuups team

For a lack of better available mockups, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Back in 2014, the three of us started Mockuuups by publishing one simple free package. After a few weeks, more than 8,000 subscribers and hundreds of requests for more content came flooding in. There was no way we were about to let go of this opportunity to do something good for our fellow designers.

We may have started at the bottom but feel we’re at the brink of something truly exciting now. Just like old times, Mockuuups is made of just three skilled hands… okay, and a couple of cool friends who let us borrow their hands in exchange for a beer or dinner :)

Tomas Jasovsky

Tomas Jasovsky

Co-founder of Mockuuups and Product Designer rocking the socks off of cyberspace with ideas come to life, by means of design and intricate dream building.

David Stefanides

David Stefanides

Co-founder of Mockuuups boyband and also Product Designer working on kick-ass tools for developers&designers.

Marek Hrabe

Marek Hrabe

Co-founder of Mockuuups and Full-stack Developer at Avocode and Source. Passionate about kittens, node.js and music production.

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You just became a Nokia 3310 Designer!

Even that this is an April 1st joke from us, your package is safely on it’s way to you. Meanwhile, help us share this package to put Nokia 3310 back on the design scene where it belongs.

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