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Bots UI Kit

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Bots UI Kit

We have just released a UI Kit for making Facebook Messenger Bot prototypes…

You can check it out on the simplest landing page we've ever made — bots.mockuuups.com, of course featuring one of our iPhone mockups.

We used the new Symbols feature from the latest Sketch release, and I must say, they are really handy when creating reusable objects that need to be configurable.

Preview of the Sketch symbol usage in Bots UI Kit. Thanks for this update, Bohemian Coding :)

It is a free upload, so go and download it now! You can also support us on ProductHunt.

One more second and it’s yours.

An email with a download link for the package is on its way to you. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to share this awesome package with your buddies.

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You just became a Nokia 3310 Designer!

Even that this is an April 1st joke from us, your package is safely on it’s way to you. Meanwhile, help us share this package to put Nokia 3310 back on the design scene where it belongs.

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